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Core Values


Barkai Yeshivah recognizes that burning at the center of the Jewish heart through all generations is the awareness that our people call only one land ‘home.’ Love and commitment to Eres Yisrael, as well as the understanding that Israel is our only true home, is in the heart and mind of every student.

We have a profound connection to the land of Israel as we recognize it as our ancestral and Biblical homeland. We recognize God’s providence in the establishment of the modern State of Israel and its security and prosperity are central to our worldview. We view Israel as the global center of the Jewish nation with our community being an outpost of the Jews living in Israel.
To build and enhance this connection with Eres Yisrael, each year, we bring in multiple Israeli families as Shelihim who teach Hebrew studies and and also serve as role models for Torah values. We also have several Benot Sherut each year to interact with students in Hebrew, on a daily basis, while working with the school to develop programs and extracurricular activities. The ultimate goal is for the Shelihim and Benot Sherut to infuse the fabric of Barkai Yeshivah with a love for Eres Yisrael by fostering genuine relationships between those who live a Torah life in Eres Yisrael and the Barkai community.

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