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The Barkai Athletic Program fosters student-athletes who excel both on and off the field/court. We do not simply want to promote great athletes, but great people. It is our goal that at the end of a student-athlete’s career, they will be well prepared to meet the many challenges in their chosen field. 

Student-athletes will learn values that will be important to their future. They develop meaningful work ethic, integrity, teamwork and in turn, confidence in themselves. On the court or field, they will also demonstrate loyalty, trust, communication and good character. 

Being a student-athlete at Barkai requires mental and physical toughness, as well as hard work.  Skill level and commitment are key components to earning a position on any Barkai team. Each year, all students will have the opportunity to earn that spot

A Barkai student-athlete will need to be disciplined, poised and composed. They will need to be respectful of others - players, coaches and referees alike. It is by setting high standards that Barkai student-athletes will learn to maintain their poise and respect for others, in victory or defeat. We have the same expectations of our student-athletes, parents, teachers, coaches and administrators. These expectations will create an atmosphere of sportsmanship as well as lead to success on and off the field/court. 

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