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Core Values

Hebrew Language

At Barkai Yeshivah, we value the teaching of Hebrew as the language of our Torah, as well as the language of our modern day nation. Our aim is for students to acquire mastery of the language in order to understand Biblical and later Hebrew texts as well as be able to express themselves in fluent Hebrew.

Barkai Yeshivah implements a Hebrew immersion program that incorporates active instruction. Hebrew immersion is started in Gan by having Hebrew speakers interact with students through conversation. In Mechinah, formal instruction of Hebrew reading begins. Students learn to recognize the letters of the alef bet, progress to learning nekudot, and then learn te'amim with the Rav Mechinah. Our commitment to Ivrit be’Ivrit requires that all Hebrew studies be taught in Hebrew. Barkai Yeshivah utilizes Shelihim and Benot Sherut as resources in the organic transmission of the Hebrew language through everyday conversation.

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