Barkai Yeshivah’s mission is to cultivate the unique potential of each ben and bat Torah, based on the belief that all elements of our world should be recognized through the framework of Torah. Our goal is to provide a warm, child-centered environment in which students can develop into lifelong learners and pursuers of knowledge who will become the leaders of the next generation. Our general studies program will develop high- level skills and a depth of knowledge that will enable our students to engage in the world as informed, proficient, and discerning citizens. Barkai’s Hebrew immersion program will provide our students with the ability to master the Hebrew language as well as instill in them a deep love for the people, land, and State of Israel. Our commitment to imparting our honored Sephardic heritage, traditions, and culture is essential to the preservation and continuity of our community for generations to come. Our students will emerge with a strong sense of personal identity, refined character, and as educated, well-rounded bene Torah. They will be well- versed in Torah and committed to Misvot, in order to live a Jewish life in the contemporary world.

What’s Happening at Barkai

School Announcements

Rosh Hodesh Fun! Students in grades 1-8 kicked off the season with a special Rosh Hodesh program. With the help of our Hesed coordinator, Ms. Allison BarDavid, our shelihim, and bnot sherut, hesed at Barkai turned into a race of misvot! This month each class will be in competition with each other to see who accumulates the most hesed notes given out by parents or teachers.
In addition, the students paid their respects to the memory of Hakham Ovadia Yosef, z"sl by playing a memory game involving his life.

Gan A prepares for Rosh Hashanah Gan A enjoy a lesson from our Early Childhood tefillah teacher, Abe Betesh. They listen closely as they are taught about one of the most important laws of Rosh Hashanah. They each got a turn to hold the shofar and listened to all of the different sounds it could make.

The 2017-2018 school year has begun! We are excited to welcome all our students back to Barkai as we start a new school year together. We are grateful to have our benot sherut and shelihim families join us as well. Looking forward to a great year ahead!

Barkai - The Reason Why (Fall 2017)