Barkai Yeshivah’s mission is to cultivate the unique potential of each ben and bat Torah, based on the belief that all elements of our world should be recognized through the framework of Torah. Our goal is to provide a warm, child-centered environment in which students can develop into lifelong learners and pursuers of knowledge who will become the leaders of the next generation. Our general studies program will develop high- level skills and a depth of knowledge that will enable our students to engage in the world as informed, proficient, and discerning citizens. Barkai’s Hebrew immersion program will provide our students with the ability to master the Hebrew language as well as instill in them a deep love for the people, land, and State of Israel. Our commitment to imparting our honored Sephardic heritage, traditions, and culture is essential to the preservation and continuity of our community for generations to come. Our students will emerge with a strong sense of personal identity, refined character, and as educated, well-rounded bene Torah. They will be well- versed in Torah and committed to Misvot, in order to live a Jewish life in the contemporary world.

What’s Happening at Barkai

School Announcements

Virtual Tour of Ancient Egypt with Nachliel Selavan As pert of the Alfonse Missry MS Learning Program, the boys enjoyed a virtual tour of Ancient Egypt after reviewing a relevant source sheet on the topic.

In connection with the story of יציאת מצרים, The Museum Guy, Nachliel Selavan, highlighted the geography of the country and then “travelled” to The British Museum and The Met to showcase specific artifacts.

5th Grade Science: Sun, Moon, Planets 5th grade was all hands on deck with its lesson Sun, Moon and Planets. The students truly internalized the phases of the moon with handmade 3D models, and even created a classroom mural with an eye-catching watercolor display.

Natural Dyes in Mekhina B As Mekhina B continues to change the color of white things, they invited moms to make natural dye from fruits and vegetables which will be used to change the color of white yarn.

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