General Studies Curriculum


Students attend a weekly technology class where they learn the skills needed to become masters of the technology available in our world. Students begin with an understanding of accountability, Internet safety and media literacy, which is repeated at the start of each school year. Students then learn basic computer functions such as saving and manipulating files, Google Apps, emailing and typing skills.

Students learn a variety of software such as Kidspiration, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, Photoshop and Google Sites, then work on a project which integrates what they are learning in their classrooms with the technology skills they have acquired. Students produce presentations, reports, newsletters, books, videos, photo essays and websites around a variety of Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Math and Judaic Studies topics.

Smartboards, located in most classrooms, are an interactive learning tool which enables teachers to integrate games, videos, pictures and even virtual labs into their teaching. Students interact with the Smartboards in ways that makes the learning hands on and fun, while at the same time expanding their understanding of complex topics.