General Studies Curriculum

Social Studies

Social Studies provides the meaningful context through which all other areas of the curriculum can be integrated. Children begin by studying the world closest to them, the “here and now” of their family, school community and local community. They then branch out to conduct a study of other communities around the world and compare their community to others.

1st Grade: Students explore their own neighborhood and then expand to a study of the larger Brooklyn community.

2nd Grade: Student begin to compare communities - i.e. rural vs. urban, various communities of the past. They also learn about the United States and the states that make up the union.

3rd Grade: Students expand their study of communities to include comparisons of worldwide communities.

4th Grade: Students delve deeper into the history and geography of their local community, New York.

5th Grade: Studies include history and culture of the United States and immigration to the United States

6th Grade: Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. Connections are made to their Judaic Studies.

7th Grade: American History including the founding our country and an in depth study of the history of the United States through modern times.

8th Grade: Jewish History with an expanded unit on the Holocaust, culminating with the American Government.

Studies are brought to life through projects, festivals, performances, travelling exhibits that visit the school (i.e. Art in the Ancient World) and class trips (i.e. Ellis Island, Historic Richmond Town, NY Tenement Museum).

Students learn the history and meaning of each holiday throughout the year and more in depth as they get older. Some are commemorated through community celebrations, assemblies and student performances (i.e. Yom Ha’Asmaut, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Election Day).

Current Events

Beginning in the 3rd grade, students read a current weekly newspaper (i.e. Time for Kids, Scholastic News) with articles geared toward their interests and reading levels. Beginning in the 5th grade, students also explore and discuss adult newspaper articles (i.e. The New York Times).