General Studies Curriculum


Students explore materials, conduct experiments, record observations and interpret their findings. They then discuss their discoveries and what they imply.

Teachers use the Full Option Science System (FOSS), which provides all the necessary tools and strategies to engage both students and teachers in each science lesson leading to a deeper understanding of the subject matter through various observations and experiments.

Science and literacy merge when students read non-fiction books on the topic discussed to further reinforce this connection.

Students explore a balance of Earth Science, Life Science, Physics and Scientific Reasoning. Topics overlap from year to year as students delve deeper into each one. Some topics include:

1st- 4th Grades

5 Senses
Air and Weather
Structure of Life
Earth Movement

5th-6th Grade

Weather & Water (Climatology)
Diversity of life (Biology)
Levers & Pulleys (Physics)

7th Grade

Introduction to Chemistry
Human Body Systems (Biology)
Plate Tectonics (Earth Science)

8th Grade

Cells and Heredity (Biology)
Forces & Motion (Physics)