General Studies Curriculum


The Mathematics curriculum follows the Common Core Standards across the grades.

In 1st grade we use a hands on approach to math. Students are taught to think through problems to get to the answers.

In grades 2-4 the students use the State Standard aligned textbook Go Math! as they continue with the idea of problem solving to get to an answer while using manipulatives (i.e. geo-boards, unifix cubes)and playing math games which help students understand the principles more easily.

Lower School

A workshop model is used to teach new topics. It is introduced to the class by the teacher, then students divide into groups based upon their mastery of that particular topic. Challenging problems are assigned accordingly.

Middle School

The math curriculum in each grade follows New York State Common Core Standards. Math tracking in each grade groups students according to their abilities enabling the students to reach their fullest potential. Additional math guidance is available daily for students wanting to further clarification with a certain problem or concept. All 8th grade students who qualify are offered the opportunity to take the 9th grade Math Regent Exam.