General Studies Curriculum

At Barkai Yeshivah, we believe that educators, partnered with parents, are responsible for the development of the whole child, including his or her academic, social, emotional, spiritual and creative development.

Our teachers treat each student with love and respect and we are consistently aware of our responsibility as role models for the students. Children are challenged to stretch and develop every aspect of their being. Life skills are an integral part of a Barkai education and are addressed frequently by teachers through conversations, modeling, stories and conflict resolution. We work together in partnership with parents to best serve each individual student.

Common Core Standards

Students engage in a rigorous and challenging course of study to master essential skills and knowledge in each subject area. Each subject is aligned to follow the Common Core State Standards. Our students are expected to ask questions and delve deeper into the topic that is being studied. Subjects are interconnected wherever possible.

Developmental-Interactive Approach

To be most effective, teachers must actively engage students in relevant, challenging activities. Through hands on exploration and experimentation, children acquire tools to develop and test meaningful theories, interpret their own experiences and achieve true knowledge, skills and understanding.

Workshop Model

Teachers present a new skill to the class and model it with them. Students then work in groups or independently to apply the new skill. The teacher customizes each small group’s practice and focuses on the specific skills they need to improve upon. The class, as a whole, then shares what they have learned.