Early Childhood

Barkai's Early Childhood program works to foster the development of the whole child - cognitively, socially, emotionally, creatively, physically, and spiritually. We create an atmosphere of love and trust, while encouraging exploration, active investigation, risk taking and learning through discovery.

Each day, students enter an exciting world of educational experiences. They physically manipulate objects and are actively engaged when exploring new concepts.

The curriculum is based on a broad social studies theme and the disciplines are integrated within each theme. We encourage unconventional thinking helping them to develop their mindsets and pursue their interests. Frequently, students will guide the curriculum by their interests spreading enthusiasm and curiosity throughout the class.

Through the curriculum and special events, we promote a love of Torah, misvot, and Eres Yisrael while emphasizing proper midot.


Orot (2-year-olds)
In the Orot, the focus is on social development including speech, language and social skills. The children are guided towards self-care and independence. Holidays and Shabbat are celebrated throughout the year and the children enjoy Hebrew music and movement on a weekly basis.

Ganon (3-year-olds) - Mechinah (5-year-olds)
The foundations of each unit of study at this age are self, family, community and the connection to the larger world. Academic skills are integrated into each unit studied. To develop and expand an understanding of these concepts, the children study:

*Shabbat and holidays*wheat to pasta
*seasons*business of restaurants
*ecological awareness*growth
*the local neighborhood*hobbies
*animals*similarities and differences
*farm to market*relationships
*bread and bakeries*celebration of diversity

Hebrew Immersion

Our curriculum integrates Judaic and General Studies. Hebrew immersion begins at a a young age with a Hebrew speaking assistant in the Orot and Ganon classes. Beginning in the Gan, the day is split in two - Hebrew and English. In Mechinah, students learn to read Hebrew by working one-on-one with the Rav Mechinah each day.

Language Literacy

We create a literate environment where we incorporate many of the concepts of the Balanced Literacy approach, in both Hebrew and English. We take advantage of every opportunity to integrate language, math, social studies, science and Judaic studies.


Our teachers realize that they are ideally positioned to create change and that they hold our children and our future in their hands. Our school is unique because of the mutual trust that our teachers have for one another. The shared commitment and support resonates throughout the hallways and classrooms. Our teachers are extremely passionate about their roles and therefore keep alive the Barkai sense of purpose and mission.

Parents and Teachers as Partners

The atmosphere we create is one in which parents, teachers and administrators become partners in the educational process. Our children learn from teachers, peers and parents alike. Parents’ input and active participation is welcomed and helps to create a sense of pride within the Barkai family. Together, our goal is to build confident, critical thinkers who are encouraged and empowered to make significant and positive contributions to our community and the world at large.