The Arts

The Arts are a vital component of a Barkai education. It is essential that students have opportunities to use their imaginations, think creatively, and express themselves through many mediums. Art, music and drama are integrated into regular classroom activities throughout the grades. In addition, students attend a weekly art class and


Our students learn the building blocks of visual language- line and shape, color and texture. Materials and techniques are the introductory part of every art lesson, and creative problem solving is at each lesson’s core. References to Art History and the Great Masters are integrated into each unit of study. Wherever possible Music and Literature are used as inspiration for self expression.

The Art Room is a center of acceptance , where there is opportunity for each child to identify his/her strength, develop his/her unique spirit and develop self-confidence. The "Barkai Method" is dedicated to educating the whole child; and the Art Program mirrors that goal.


Early Childhood

Music is introduced to the students with singing which is integrated into their daily routines beginning with prayers. Each class enjoys both Hebrew and English weekly music classes.

Elementary School

First and second grades develop an understanding of instruments illustrated with classical selections, such as Peter and the Wolf, Carnival of the Animals, and The Magic Flute. The children are exposed to the fairy tales which inspired those works, as well as all the instruments in each one.

Third Graders learn musical notation and theory on their very own recorder. Various pieces of music are learned throughout the year as they acquire the necessary skills to read and play music.

To continue expanding on instrumental skills, this will be the introductory year for fourth graders to learn the glockenspiel, a challenging percussive pitch instrument with 25 notes.

3rd grade girls' recorder recital