Barkai Yeshivah provides an innovative education for students based on the belief that all elements of our world should be recognized through the framework of the Torah. Our curriculum integrates a high-level General Studies program with a complete Torah education in a warm, child-centered, challenging and creative academic environment. We imbue our graduates with a deep love for the land of Israel while empowering them to succeed in their educational and professional futures. Our students emerge with a strong sense of identity, refined character and compassion to engage in life as dedicated members of Klal Yisrael.

What’s Happening at Barkai

School Announcements

SUKKAH CONTEST This year our very creative students used their imaginations to the limit as they made miniature "Sukkot" together with their friends. The children learned the difference between "kosher" and "unkosher" sukkot as they worked. Congratulations to all of the students for a job well done!

1ST GRADERS RECEIVE SISIT Rav Yeshivah, Rabbi Moses Haber, and 5th grade teacher Rabbi Charles Safdieh, presented each 1st grade boy with his very own pair of sisit. The boys were taught the importance of the misva of wearing sisit everyday and were very excited to wear them.

MIDDLE SCHOOL SHOFAR WORKSHOP Each Middle School student participated in the process of making a shofar – sawing it, drilling it, sanding it and buffing it. Shana Tova u’Metuka!

BARKAI'S BENOT SHERUT Barkai proudly welcomes this year's benot sherut Maayan, Yarden, Tamar and Ayelet Hashahar to the barkai family. Berukhot HaBaot!

Pizmon of the Week 1G שבתי שבתי