Barkai Yeshivah provides an innovative education for students based on the belief that all elements of our world should be recognized through the framework of the Torah. Our curriculum integrates a high-level General Studies program with a complete Torah education in a warm, child-centered, challenging and creative academic environment. We imbue our graduates with a deep love for the land of Israel while empowering them to succeed in their educational and professional futures. Our students emerge with a strong sense of identity, refined character and compassion to engage in life as dedicated members of Klal Yisrael.

What’s Happening at Barkai

School Announcements

VETERANS DAY 2016 Barkai honors all American veterans who served for our country. We were honored to hear from Mr. Joe Zalta, father of Barkai grandparent Patty Shrem, who served for 3 years in World War II as an army tank driver. The Middle School students and staff were fascinated by his story and grateful he shared it with us.

TAMIR GOODMAN VISITS BARKAI Tamir Goodman, a former professional basketball player known as the "Jewish Jordan" spoke to Barkai's Middle School students about the challenges he faced being a professional Jewish basketball player and how you must remain true to who you are. He then organized basketball drills for the 8th grade girls and boys. Thank you to Barkai parents Frieda and Judah Cattan for organizing the program and Rachel and Ricky Novick and the Barkai PTA for sponsoring it.

Pizmon of the Week 3B לך אל עילום